Abendland chapbook launched in Frankston!

Abendland, a chapbook of poems by David PraterI’m not usually one to go for publicity, prferring instead to slave anonymously over my poetry, honing my arcane craft in the desloate silence of my eyrie, but when I got a call from uber-poet and drop-dead spunk alicia sometimes asking if I’d like to come and talk to her writing students at Chisholm TAFE today, I spied a self-promotional opportunity. All of yesterday was spent formatting documents, photocopying images and wrestling with staplers and yes, it was a tricky thing but I did manage to put together ten copies of my chapbook Abendland, my first since The Happy Farang way back in 2000. The chabook contains poems I wrote during a two month holiday in Europe and the US last year. You can read all of the poems online here, but I should mention that these are early drafts of the poems, some of which have changed radically since being written. Plus, I mean, a chapbook is a pretty cool thing to have with you when you’re on the tram, or hanging with your poetry peeps. alicia’s students seemed to have the same idea, almost completely clearing me out of stock! If you’d like to purchase a copy for the princely sum of $5, email me and we can arrange something. Otherwise, I’m open to swaps, even if all you’ve got is a dubbed cassette version of Rattle and Hum. It takes all sorts.

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