Pushy Pusan

Ronnie Mac gets overwhelmed by pushy Pusan teenagers eager to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars at the Pusan International Film Festival.

The girl everyone went berserk for – can’t remember her name but she is huge. One boy asked me to take a picture of her – “just her” – because I was taller than everyone else there.

Andrew and Jueun try hard to look natural on a bus on the way to an outdoor movie. Their kindness in putting me up at their house will never be forgotten.

The huge outdoor screen on which trippy graphics were played while a string/rock fusion group played a medley of cinema music. The film, “The Two Brothers”, was eminently forgettable. But the occasion wasn’t.

A car covered with the distinctive calling cards of Korean call girls forms the centrepiece of a demonstration to mark the first anniversary of the Sex Trade Prevention Act organised by Sallim, a supporting NGO for women victims of sex trafficking. The area where the Film Festival was being held is notorious for prostitution.

My favourite image from Korea so far: a close-up of a mural on a wall next to the Pusan municipal history museum in Nampodong.

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