pls re-tweet & follow this if you can: CSI Fallujah trending,
mission accomplished & war on terror continues unabated

on the day obama died i was buying candles in abbottabad
inadvertantly i liveblogged the whole damn cash transaction

check your receipts, people - the asteroids have not landed 
she was a real mars crosser - & a sub-orbital patriot gamer

did you see how QILF was trending? copy that & re-tweet if 
you agree, let's make it happen people, dance in the streets

i count eight lines down already, six more & it's a sonnet - 
copy that if you agree, re-tweet &/or watch it start trending

oh i see jack bauer is trending, funny that - follow me if you 
agree with what i'm saying, or don't. smokin' hashtags here,

pplz, plz agree. did we mention instant fucking deathcamps? 
did i mention one million dead people trending? #justsayin'


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