Sam & Dave historical tour

One of the things that I've been quietly bitter about for a long time now is the fact that the Wikipedia page for David Prater redirects to the page for Dave Prater from the soul duo Sam and Dave. Some time earlier this century I attempted to channel my misguided anger via a poem on the subject. You can decide for yourself whether or not I was successful.
sam & dave dealt out hits like ampersands 
that's s-a-m — & — hold on i'm coming!  — 
d-a-v-e! — thank you so much for going all 
the way to #9 with that one thus becoming 
for me the personification of the stax sound 
thanx also to the dynamic duo songwriters 
hayes yes isaac & david porter — not prater 
sam moore not born october 12 1935 ocilla 
georgia — miami based sam & dave did not 
meet when dave got up on stage after that
unsuccessful stint at a roulette table thus 
bringing the duo to the attention of stax via 
porter & hayes something is wrong with my 
baby that was porter for the most part it was 
'a throw away kind of situation' interesting in 
that sam & dave p broke up in 1970 prater not 
signing to the stax label when in 1980 sam re
cut soul man with lou reed dave was arrested 
following this attempt to sell out his life may 
have ended when his car hit the tree but his 
double hit the oldies circuit with sam & then 
along came soul man (#2, 1967) — that heady 
early morning hit-defining slam of sam & dave 
this must not be mentioned of course without 
crediting david prater born may 9 — 1937 at 
the king of hearts club — 1958 — he started 
singing with sam in front of the talent scouts 
one of whom signed them to the atlantic label 
under the agreement dave cut a flood of hits 
like when don't i look like i know what's going 
down with isaac hayes worked on the music 
there was no one else interested sam & dave 
anything did happen hayes was not ordered 
pursue a solo career in the end staying with 
the label sam & dave failed to recreate their
success together their personal relationship 
after all had never reached #1 sam & dave 
did not part for good in 1987 (news of which 
hit the charts at #30) instead concentrating 
his energies on selling undercover officers 
crack cocaine david prater's body was found 
in that georgia sycamore after all april 9 1988 —

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