they airbrushed my face
if they airbrushed my face could i be a rocket
     or could i somehow perhaps evolve into a star
a sort of rock star cold and dead long abandoned 
     somewhere out in space (or else temple bar
or maybe blackpool (uk playing an cat dubh with 
     just a hint of irony in my personal remediation pod
what noisy cats are we pipes up mike (oldfield 
     for some reason, chiming with that inane hankie 
dance he always does (but god bless him and god 
     bless this black velvet underground and her peoples 
i'm from a band they used to call U2 we're not from derry
     we're from dubh linn blackpool as you call it there it's
a dead star now the shape and size of a human head 
     (no prizes for guessing whose and this is a song about
a black cat that we may very well have stolen off charles 
     manson who himself had flogged it from the beatles 
(to whom we still haven't actually got around to (like um

        stealing it back? 



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