Karappo vs Okesutura

Once upon a time in Japan, there was a boy named Karappo.
He was empty.
One day, Karappo met a girl named Okesutura.
She was an orchestra.
Okesutura filled Karappo’s emptiness with music.
She engulfed him with sound.
Karappo fell madly in love with Okesutura.
He asked her to stay with him forever.
He wanted to hear her perfect sound forever.
But Okesutura feared Karappo’s emptiness might prove too big to fill.
You are so empty Karappo, she said.
Okesutura, I know, answered Karappo.
But you sound so beautiful inside me.
Yes, agreed Okesutura, there is no sound in a vacuum.
Your sound is safe within my emptiness, he said.
Your emptiness will decrease, she said.
Then I can make sound too, said Karappo.
Then we can both make sound forever, said Okesutura.
So Karappo and Okesutura came together.
Then they had a baby.
And they called her Karaoke.


  1. okesutura. priceless. love it.

    watched iron chef last night. a truck driving italian cuisine challenger beat iron chef chinese in a four-course pumpkin battle. magnificent.

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