i know where you're from & why you're here;
i know where you're from & why you're here
 doing your 'research', just 'keeping tabs' etc.
 my stats reveal your browsing habits & what
 brought you here, five seconds ago - cached
 like a memory of some long ago private party
 you never attended but heard about later (as
 if that were proof enough, as if talking about
 life makes it real, makes the gulf between us
 seem serene as an ice-skater dragging blades
 down the smooth sheet's inverse blackboard)
 with a flick & a spin you're gone again traces
 of your lipstick all that's left (a little pop-up
 down & where did that come from? oh & yr
 bookmarked tears (pretty maids all in a row


  1. I particularly like the sound of those skates over the ice, too. And the way it’s woven tight around a single image like a good short poem should be. Respect for structure too whilst still experimenting within it with various cross rhythms and dichomoties of tone. Haha, I might get a job as a reviewer for Cordite do you think?

  2. i truly once considered doing a research project on you david, back when i was an undergrad, first discovering the wealth of poetry to be found online, realising that your name & work was all over this realm…

    i also liked that your poems got involved with the medium, like ‘google fucking’ & other html related affairs.

    i don’t know why i never embarked on the project. i imagine for you it would have been some honour, to have me do an average honours project on your work.

    maybe it was the lurking phenomenon that put me off. could i really scurry around in your work, knowing that all the while you are watching, theorising about my theories?

  3. Hey Paul, George, Derek … where’s Ringo?

    But srly, thanks for the comments – and D, I think I was probably channelling your post about lurking on PFS Post when I wrote this (though I have wanted to write a ‘lurker’ poem for a while – something about the sound of the word itself … )

  4. Just call me ringo. Always love your comfortable use of the electronic world, Davey. So many people are content with making “floppy drive” jokes &c (do i show my age there?), but you write as an insider about this stuff so it works has authenticity &c.

  5. spose what i’m tryna say is you use the electronic as mor than just a meta for the real world, understanding that it IS the real world and has its own thing going on over and above mimicry &c. is nice.

  6. Hey Ringodam, thanks!! To be honest, it just seems ‘natural’ to be writing about lurkers and code and email and so on – mostly because I am up to my neck in this stuff 24/7, so it’s just a case of tapping whatever’s in my brain.

    But I see what you mean – the floppy drive/ syntax error poetry scene is long past its use by date.

    One question though: when will we see the conclusion of Monkey Punch Dinosaur? Maybe you could time the 100th image for the same date as DNRC’s 100th release … for maximum (post-avant) impact.

  7. yeah, it’s kind of stalled, no? #98 went up a bit of a while back, and i have #99 ready too. i want to do something spesh for #100 but I haven’t found the right contributor to say yes yet.

    when’s DNRC 100 due out? Is there any truth to the rumour that its workign title is Monkey Punch DInosaur? 😉

  8. Hey Adam,

    haha. I can neither confirm nor deny that title. I can confirm that our 99th release will be Scaramouche’s epic solo album, ‘Quiche Lorraine’.

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