Marijuana (In My Mind)

Sleeping through the pouring rain
Filling up the lakes and rivers she
Came to my dark dream bed &
Read me stories from a strange
Book (turned the pages like a
Grave & held me close under the
Nightlights smoking marijuana in
My mind†- trucks speed onto
Autobahns while phone booths
Hold the sodden homeless pity
Breathes all through the fog but
Sometimes life just doesn’t hear
It (got a message from a stranger
Held the phone until she hangs
Up smoking marijuana in my mind
-†Radios are all tuned to static in
the european union traffic cops
hold glowing beacons if the time
was ever slowing (did I hear a baby
crying dogs on leashes are street-
sweepers / trams are cancelled
parties starting in the pawn shops
money changes hands – & in the
market stands but I’m smoking
marijuana in my mind†- emails
from the great spam merchants
in the sky the old clouds flutter
past then dump their share of rain
yesterday’s was just as drenching
(cities in the sleeper’s eye windows
slamming / pain’s devoid of future
meanings songs come to an end
until I’m smoking marijuana in my
mind yeah I’m smoking marijuana
to ease my mind yes indeed I’m
smoking marijuana in my mind

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