Renga with Ginka Biliarska

In July last year I attended the World Haiku Association conference East Meets West in Sofia, Bulgaria. One of the organisers of the conference, Ginka Biliarska, who was kind enough to meet us at the airport and pay for our taxi into the city, had previously asked if I would like to do a little renga with her, and so we composed a few poems via email, entitled “A House On the Bank”. Now, the poems have been published in Lynx: a journal for linking poets. Ginka has also written renga with other poets using the same title – you can read all of them at Lynx but for convenience I’ve also pasted our poem below:


Ginka Biliarska, Bulgaria
David Prater, Australia

house on the bank
the river flows
but time has stopped

just like the white moon
in the child?s dark room

sun beam ?
the sleepy dog is driving it
away from his nose

from old cushions
fills the summer day

opal window glass
flickering sunspots outside

friendly fires ?
smoke that crosses the threshold
between our two worlds

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