tijger aan het plein

i can't make out what they're saying
i can't make out what they're saying

     can you? i think they're tamils, right -

tamil tijger protesters where are you

     aan het plein the sun is shining down

on den haag's public servants & me 

     drinking jupiler then catching a trein

to een eindbestemming well-known &

     planned-out featuring quiet evenings 

& the drone of nieuws items about us -

     as it appears that we have moved on

pls stop the clocks for tijger is dood 

     in translation anyway, aan het plein

who really knew? that tear-shaped isle

     yes, nice clich?© & yet the poem won't 

work with me (see i've been drinking - 

     why do these slogans make no sense 

& you you treacherous old black sun

     burn holes in our gezellig safe zone?

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