another kind of sun ra

drop drop the hangul! gimme
gimme gimme gimme sun raaaaaa -
no, the other kind! yessir eeyo
davey drop the davey drop the	
dream, nation! yeeeaah drop it	
yoda drop it you must yoda!
any other kind of sun ra i'm
against it against all stooges	
day dream nations glo-wavers	
thomas covenant i'm against it
read stein for yr education
pynchon	i'm not against got 
no real problem with him but
poems? gaaaaaah! gimme sun ra!
book me immediately promoters	
poster sun ra's face all over
prater - who's he? we want ra
and not just any old ra - yep
you know the drill (oh noes ...
david i am david david goes
off! goes completely berko in
stone roses reunion poses (a
kind of sun that goes raaa!
december - who needs it? not
me coz i got [fill in sun ra
blanks here, then take a no.]
leaving	now for mars attacks
gvb mbv bpm vat btw pto pto!


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