TL;DR = too long; didn't read. Läs på svenska.
Your poems are too long; I don't read them
     (in fact I barely have the energy to scroll ...
this intranetting format being so unsuited 
     to any role, except that of lurker &/or troll. 

Your life has gone on far too long; I can't
     read between its lines, can't bring myself 
to think, in fact, of anything at all to bray. 
     But as they say you've still got your health,

& just think of all the bits you won't need to
     expend in the future. I'm too lazy; I didn't
bother checking first before hammering 
     away at the keys. But I don't care & won't 

be staying long. In fact I'm already gone,
     on to my next blog. Too late, 

                      dumb rhymer!


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