in the heart of your mouth there's a tongue
there's a beat there's a heart shaped like 

stars & that's where you are (& valentine's 
day lasts for ten more hours when you're on

the line you're mine i'm whining about how
time will neither speed up nor slow down &

here we are in a zone that's out of time &
out of tune with here & there i stumble on

& stare out the windows of trains & trams 
thinking of a powerkus & of tongzoenen

it's not a zone it is a kus & it is not like 
cous cous but a kus a bus full of kussen &

there's a hole in the clock & it's stopped 
the video froze right at the part where we

embraced the zero dial a figure-eight face
"cut!" yells the director & we just stare 

(go back to the script & learn your parts 
i read the in-flight magazines of airlines 

i have never flown on inspect their routes
the clusters of curving red lines meeting

in strange locations like maui & nairobi (i
exists on some plane level with cloud seen 

from an airbus like an airkus my tongue is
circling inside my mouth & like a shark we

never stop moving even in our sleep & gills
well what are they for? (learn your lines! 

this day it is in transit it's a passenger
without luggage strolling past a carousel

ha ha it says i have no need to wait today
is my name & you are here cross-fade these

heartbeats dj spin your wheels! love songs 
are so yesterday (when we have tongzoenen

on the tip of your tongue is the destination 
i will be there in three weeks okay? okay.


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