‘There’s a wild Jack Russell in the Moon’ (audio)

My poem 'There's a wild Jack Russell in the Moon' was published in We Will Disappear (2007).
David Prater, ‘There’s a wild Jack Russell in the Moon’

This audio version of ‘There’s a wild Jack Russell in the Moon’ was recorded live at Babble by Sean M. Whelan on February 1 2006 as part of my feature set.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of a piano, coming out of the speakers of a very old Walkman. Sit back and imagine me pretending to play the piano while I recite the poem.

Think Billy Joel.

Is an arsehole.

Merciful and rapid-response editing of this piece (originally over 10 minutes in length) was carried out by DJ Sassy Pants.

Unfortunately this means you don’t get to hear me go ‘woof’.

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