Åsa Strålande in ‘Tanto’

Tanto is a work of fiction set in present-day Stockholm, and features locations and practices that will be familiar to residents of that city but which may seem strange to non-Swedes (as may the dialogue, which is almost exclusively rendered in Swedish). However, the story also features several fictional venues and—needless to say—characters and is suitable for all readers over the age of 18. All you really need to know is that Tantolunden (or Tanto for short) is a park on Södermalm in central Stockholm. This first chapter of the story was sent to subscribers to my Poem of the Week email newsletter in April 2014. It also appeared on Medium for about two minutes. Come and join me on a journey to ... Tanto ...

Stockholm Calling

Just like a Californian burrito maker, I've been preventing myself from spilling the beans by keeping them strictly under wraps (rim-shot!) but now seems as good a moment as any to announce that I will be moving to Stockholm. In ten days.