The Fall Reunion

a lot of empty places at these tables here-ah
our drummer jumped off the brighton pier (ha
count me in with the beats mark e smith (ta
dah! screw my lightbulb honey brat sonically
sophisticated buy a round of drinks-ah sorry
your services no longer etc … squizzle! boss
says “random quote generator” live at which
trials? ah (gots me gigs in sheffield-ah (brits
in penzance costumes ringleader-ah (as tour
bus tourist reunions go this one’s the bits-ah
for services to etc (timelines like bronze age
villages filled with squizzle (pints are … free
at synthesiser auditions forthcoming US lucre
so i say i mean why are people grudgeful? ah …

Honey Power

over there where you’re laying down
down amongst the styrofoam cups &
album cover broken glass bra straps
honey power coming all over me me
& you with your oh fantastic english
got me high & left me there stranger
with a honey tongue warm between
the vinyl EPs wet beneath the stylus
rooms in which to shudder awake on
busy streets we mistook for england
first time & forever in a dark carpark
then i exited from the passenger side
smoking our enemies (drunk on power
honey pixel closer now hold my flower


he bites into the apple eats the bruises
soft & brown like sugary endings (rayon
bites the bruises cuts them clean out &
spits the skin onto the crusty pavement
sucks the bruises (swallows them whole
into the apple of his insides & scratches
& bruises yes just there soft like blisters
just beneath the green skin (leaves like
green canadian flags covered in bruises
fresh & rotten undermined & cleaned he
ate the bruises popped nectary blisters
felt the juice of bruises coming down his
chin (drop everything pavement colours
bruises left to rot (the mapled manholes

Catwalk for Dummies

eat your cake! there isn’t any more
“keep your eyes glued to the floor”
left foot first then right & left again
ladies pretend you’re gentle (ben,

listen for the compere’s little rhyme
our DJ sets the beats: just keep time
roadies will escort you to the stage
so let’s all read from the same page?

catwalking’s just like breathing in –
think of the function of a dorsal fin
don’t look back at what’s behind &
just put falling out of your minds …

in the bright light of the lens flares
orpheus (now ascending the stairs

You are ace in all the ways that you are ace

Yes, you are. It’s that simple. Ace.
Superlief and bulk ace. Truly ace.

I’m trying to wipe an untold smile
from my freelance face. That’s how

ace. This much ace. If that much
is untold, double it and multiply by

ace. Bulk ace. Infinitely ace, drop
a stitch & save in bulk. Surrender

to the aceness. Truly devastating,
acetold. Funtold. Plumtold. Hightail,

bright-eyed, faun-like. Wide awake
at night ace. Acelike. Astonishingly

acetold, bird-eyed bulkness. You’re
so bulk ace I can’t believe it’s untold.