Davey Dreamnation’s “Live at Budokan” reviewed in respected online magazine

Following on from the tumultuous events of last week, Davey Dreamnation has hit the news stands again – this time in the critically acclaimed online journal The Scam.

Davey’s secret release of a 4-cd set live album, entitled “live at budokan” apparently did not escape the attention of the sharp-eyed (and eared) folks at the scam, who gave the anarchic and ground-breaking recording five (5) robots in a lengthy and detailed review:

“[Davey Dreamnation] is an artist on the verge of exploiting himself. He messes with freeforms, then strictly applies the eeriness of vocoders to what should be straight out rants or spoken word grumble jazz sketches. His recording careers – to now, shrouded in mystery but slowly coming to light by way of a series of Internet-only releases – posit him as a man with too much time, and perhaps only one idea worth following through. This live set, however, will make more than one listener stand up and say: ‘By gum, I think he’s onto something'”.

Further complicating the choice of headline for major news outlets is the news that Dreamnation has also been immortalised in poetry by his real-time creator, David Prater.

Prater’s “davey dreamnation e.p.” – a collection of four poems from an as-yet unpublished manuscript – have been published in a New Zealand-based magazine, JAAM (Just Another Art Movement).

“I’m thrilled,” Prater said yesterday, after receiving the news. “In fact, I’m stunned. I didn’t think they’d buy the idea of an “e.p.” but they went for it, and more power to them. Who knows, maybe some day somebody will agree to publish a Davey Dreamnation L.P.! O-or a best of! The sky’s the limit really. Anyway, back to reality. Okay Stung, I’ll be down in a minute!”

Dreamnation’s continuing liaison with New Zealand’s answer to Sting has been a source of much speculation in the music community. The publication of poems about the diminutive pop icon in a Kiwi magazine have only added to the rumours and innuendo. Prater, however, brushes the gossip off.

“Well, it’s just idle chit-chat, isn’t it? All I can say is that Davey and Stung have patched up their relationship [regular readers may recall the cancellation of Stung’s Australasian tour led to a certain amount of acrimony between the two stable-mates] and have begun recording an album of duets. Of course, I won’t reveal here the track listing or anything like that. I mean, this is Davey’s gig, not mine. More power to him, and to Stung.”

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