Pixel Mouse strikes back

In what is sure to ignite further controversy and idle industry gossip, Pixel Mouse, former employee of Davey Dreamnation and now pop star in her own mind, has hit back at suggestions that Dreamnation’s latest single is a thinly-veiled attack on her integrity.

“What, you think the song’s about me? Are you kidding? I happen to know it’s about a real mouse, not me. I heard a demo of the song the day before I quit, and even then I sensed it was about a rodent, even though Davey hadn’t put any lyrics to it at that stage.

“Let’s just say I’ve got a nose for these things.”

When asked about the status of her solo career, Ms Mouse had no further comments.

Dreamnation remained holed-up in his secluded Mongolian yurt today, and therefore could neither confirm nor deny Ms Mouse’s extraordinary revelations.

Meanwhile Dreamnation’s personal stocks continue to soar on world markets. The sensational consumer response to pixellate a mouse added three cents to shares in Dreamnation Inc. They are now trading at 4 cents a share.

On the Nasdaq, shares in Dreamnation’s Hypertechnology Nanobot Science Fiction Warp Factor Nine Future Scenarios Inc. fell two cents, suggesting that the mysterious artist’s venture into speculative bio-tech resources has barely affected market estimates of his worth. At close of trading, HNSFWFNFS had steadied at AU$351 million per share.

Finally, in Tokyo, nervous investors wiped nearly 50% off the value of Davium, which is now trading at a meek .004 cents a share. The market’s rush on gold and other precious metals seems not to have dampened enthusiasm for the mysterious new element, however, with several major drilling companies announcing simultaneously that should Davium ever be discovered in sufficient quantities, they would be quite willing to explore some sort of partnership with the artist.

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