It’s been a hectic couple of months here in the Cordite bunker, following our server crash and its attendant dramas. Nevertheless, we’re pleased as punch to announce that Cordite has come of age, with our 18th issue now online!

The theme for this issue, Roots, obviously inspired a whole bunch of poets to write a whole bunch of poems. We’re sorry that we couldn’t publish everyone’s work but then again, if we did that, who’d bother to submit? We’re aware that some of you may have waited a while to receive notification from us and we apologise for our laxness in this regard.

As of #19 (Anti/heroes), we’ll be getting far more serious with regards acknowledging receipt of poems and informing poets of acceptance/ rejection. Please understand that if we don’t get in touch with you it’s not because we hate your work, it’s because we’re genuinely flat out trying to get the site functional again. All the Cordite editors are volunteers. We do not have the luxury of administrative support. But all of this is just a heap of excuses. Thanks for your patience!

We’re also trying to get the search and comments facilities back online, with little success. Our major anxiety is with regards the future of Movable Type, the platform on which we currently run the site. As you may know, Movable Type have recently announced that they’re going corporate, and will be charging for new versions of the software. We’re not sure if there’s any real advantage in upgrading to Movable Type 3.0, so we’re staying here, with the free 2.62, until someone gives us a good reason to jump. In the future, we may even abandon Movable Type altogether.

But all of this could well be just gibberish to you. We hope you enjoy this 18th issue of Cordite, and look forward to your future contributions.

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