Well they said we’d never make it. This, the nineteenth issue of Cordite Poetry Review, has turned out to be our biggest and most varied so far for 2004. With nineteen poems (appropriately enough) plus a collection of Slivers by Ian McBryde, Anti/Heroes is packed with more poetic moments than a tin of sonnets.

Speaking of Ian McBryde, we’ve got an interview with the dark man of Australian poetry, as well as interviews with Red Room star Johanna Featherstone and comedian-cum-poet Justin Heazlewood.

On a more serious note, Matt Hetherington waxes lyrical on the original crazy diamond, Syd Barrett. Also, Liam Ferney connects Thatcher, Billy Bragg and Australian poetry.

In a new feature of the Cordite site, we’ve also got a postcard from Ivy Alvarez, our reviews editor, who explains what it’s like to try and find public internet access in Cardiff, Wales. We hope to bring more of these cyber postcards to you in the coming months. Ivy’s also madly marking up and correcting reviews, so expect to see more of them appearing soon.

In the meantime, a reminder that submissions close next Tuesday 31 August for Issue #20: Submerged. Visit our submissions page for details.

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