Cordite 32: Zombie 2.0 (2010)

I'm suitably gored-out

I’m suitably gored-out to announce that Cordite’s latest issue, Zombie 2.0, is now undead, and can be accessed here:

or here.

Actually, it came online about two weeks ago, but I’ve been away on holidays and thus neglected to update the [d/dn] before now.

Anyway, the issue, which has been guest-edited by Ivy Alvarez, contains forty new poems, plus interviews, feature articles, audio poetry and illustrations.

It may also contain braaaiinz.

As part of the issue we have also launched our second Renga experiment. This time, we’re calling it Zombie Haikunaut Renga and our guest renga master will be Ashley Capes. So far it’s attracted more than 75 comments, and we’re only four ku in!

Finally, we’ve opened submissions for our 33rd issue, Creative Commons. The poetry editor for this issue will be Alison Croggon. Visit the website for details of how to submit, using our untold new online submission form!

Thanks for your support of Cordite, and I hope you enjoy perusing the contents of the Zombie 2.0 issue online.


David “Braaaiinz” Prater

Managing Editor,

Cordite Poetry Review

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