Why I love “Cats”

Well, it’s another day in the life of Clint Bo Dean and I’m loving it. Pulled out my vinyl copy of “Cats: the Musical” today and boy, did it look good. The record was in pristine condition, basically never played. I just put it on top of the record player and watched it for a while. Then I jived to “Jellicle Cats” for a few minutes in my brain, experiencing the rare pleasure of esctasy as the tears flooded down my cheeks, disrupting my extensive make-up. They call me Panda-eyes but those of you who really know me know already that I am a tabby cat with a penchant for profiteroles, memories and two litre jugs of Baileys and Coke. I count Taylor Taylor, charlotte sometimes and the Artist formerly known as the third guy from Bros. as my friends. Andrew Lloyd Webber is a genius. I wonder, did he also invent the barbecue known as the Webber? Sometimes I suspect I too may be a genius. Some of the songs I have been writing lately simply blow me away. The two track recording equipment does give me curry sometimes, and is currently on the fritz but that’s okay. I’m Macavity the Mystery Cat. I’m also an interpretative dancer, wearing three bandannas. Count them. Watch me dance.

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