Davey Dreamnation (almost) eats his own head!

Having spent the best part of two weeks figuring out how to transfer content from six blogger pages to this, the new international webportal and virtual headquarters of Davey Dreamnation Enterprises, it came as no surprise today when an unnamed junior technician, midway through eating a bar of turkish delight, inadvertantly hit delete while navigating the FTP interface, with the end result that all [d/dn v.10] services and facilities suffered an immediate “brown-out” whose devastating effect, comparable to a cookie crumb becoming lodged in a ventilation fan on board the International Space Station, was only minutes ago reversed, thanks to the diligence and superior brainpower of Davey Dreamnation himself, who is now considering changing his name to Davey Damnation, in apparent reference to words exchanged between himself and said junior technician, who now finds himself “cooling his jets” somewhere on the perimeter of the Camp Davey compound, along with Mr D’Nation’s insufferable llama Scaramouche, the Kiwi Sting impersonator Stung and various luminaries from the 1980s including Sir Chris de Burgh, Sir Bros, Sir Nik Kershaw, Sir Howard Jones aka Hojo and Sir Tears For Fears, who threatened to eat his own head should such a catastrophe ever befall Davey Dreamnation Enterprises again, a threat interpreted hopefully by those assembled as a promise whose fulfillment all now eagerly look forward to, much as we mere mortals look ahead with delight to the appearance of a comet on the western horizon, itself a symbol of all we have come to love and cherish, in short, home, though faraway on a cold planet, seemingly immune to static.

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