Davey Dreamnation releases debut single: ‘Hot Soup Girl’

Writing from the computer laboratory of his Camp Davey compound, Davey Dreamnation last night typed these (what will surely in the future come to be regarded as) seminal, if not incendiary, lines:

Don’t ask me to explain how, but I’ve managed to record an mp3, upload it to this site and now, in this post, for the first time, and for a very short time only, I am giving you the chance to download this song. Right HERE!!!! It’s called ‘Hot Soup Girl’. Someone reading this will get the reference, but this may not be you. If you’re reading this in the future, you will of course not be able to download the track at all. Because I will, by then, be a multi-platinum sales artist, and this track will only be available on my private fan site, access to which is granted solely by me and my trained llama. So, enjoy, whilst ye still can.

davey/ddn [archived]

‘Hot Soup Girl’ was later released internationally via the MP3.com.au platform, included on Davey Dreamnation’s debut album and eventually reissued by DNRC Records.

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