Davey Dreamnation releases Loveless b-side, decreases font sizes

The title of Davey Dreamnation’s new b-side, “In a previous carnation”, has caused a storm of controversy in the U.K., after being named “worst single title of the week” on a Manchester-based website.

While details are sketchy, it appears the song – an obvious attempt on the part of the beleagured star to shrug off “nu-gazer” accusations – also marks a return to form, featuring the late Quito on guitar.

Mr Quito died privately at Camp Davey on Sunday night, after a short but painless battle with death. He was fourteen days old and is survived by his grieving brother, Moss.

In other news, DNRC has demanded Davey reduce font sizes on his award-winning international website, in an attempt to save pixels.

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