Davey Dreamnation unveils new website

Despite a distinct lack of fanfare and barely the faintest whiff of media attention, Davey Dreamnation has determined to put his past behind him and as of today has moved his international web presence to a new home, under his own domain name.

“It’s obviously going to take people a while to get used to this,” admitted Davey’s long-term friend and crutch, Scaramouche, “but spare a thought for the geek who has to design all this from scratch. It ain’t easy, you know.”

Initial problems with the new Camp Davey server have meant also that he has been unable as of yet to install some more familiar and democratic features, including the Blogger console, the YACCS comments system and the ever-popular site counter.

“Rest assured, this site will grow over time, and will come to incorporate far more sophisticated elements than any of Davey’s fans would have thought possible barely two weeks ago,” the llama later added.

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