“Islands in the stream of consciousness” debuts at #4 on mp3.com.au charts

Despite the fact that it does not yet feature a title track, Davey Dreamnation’s “Islands in the stream of consciousness” has debuted at #4 on the mp3.com.au lo-fi album charts.

In addition, Davey is ranked as the 4th most popular lo-fi artist of all time, and his nine songs released so far are all in the top 30.
“Well, after the ups and downs over the weekend [where Davey achieved 56 downloads in one day, only to score a depressing 6 the next], these stats confirm that Davey is no mere fluke. They also confirm that releasing an album on a Friday night is a very clever move indeed,” admitted an obviously miffed Stung this morning.

“I mean, for the month of August, Davey’s songs have been downloaded an amazing 172 times. 110 of those have been in the last four days. Clearly, someone out there likes him very much.”

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