New [d/dn] trax available (but still no sign of RPL)

Never let it be said that Davey Dreamnation fails to live up to expectations. Fans of the reclusive musical genius awoke rejoicing this morning after discovering that nine out of the eleven tracks that comprise the masterstroke that is Recognition of Prior Learning have now been released. Fans of Scaramouche, however, will be disappointed to learn that the talented llama’s theme song remains on the top shelf, along with another track, “Dim Stars 2”, which was supposed to be released over a year ago. It seems, however, that listeners around the world have not been affected by the album’s protracted gestation and birth in the slightest, choosing instead to download tracks at will. The puzzling popularity of “Boost Bass, Free Quincey” continues unabated, with more than 50 streams of the song having been recorded on the statistics page in the last three weeks. “It’s not even a song,” admitted Scaramouche this morning, “and yet it’s headed for the top of the charts. Just imagine what’s going to happen when people catch onto the other “songs” on RPL. It’s going to force Davey to re-think his isolationist “lo-fi” categorisation. Frankly, there’s nothing lo-fi about my theme song at all. Its soaring, angelic vocals please me upon even my fifty-first listen, and that’s just today. I’m seething that Davey hasn’t seen fit to release it yet. In fact, I’m considering taking my name and talent elsewhere if he doesn’t hurry up.”

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