Shoegazer indie remix of “loveless” in the cans – Andy Weatherall denies responsibility

Having set himself the almost insurmountable task of reaching #1 on the all time charts, Davey Dreamnation has bamboozled his critics by circulating rumours of an indie crossover remix of his recent single “Loveless”.

While denying responsibility for the gloriously incendiary track, Andy Weatherall admitted to quite liking it. When asked how he had obtained a copy of the supposedly non-existent remix, Mr. Weatherall announced that he was unavailable for further comment.

“Well, it’s up to Andy, really,” commented Davey Dreamnation’s spokeperson Scaramouche. “He’s behaved quite obscenely in the last 24 hours, so if he’s ready to apologise, I’m all ears.”

Sources at Camp Davey were also unavailable for comment last night, due to the deteriorating health of Davey’s good friend Quito.
Meanwhile, Davey’s chart positions improved overnight. He is now ranked #1487th overall, and #410th in the alternative charts.

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