Bek-ho: ‘JK (Just Kidding)’

DNRC099 | 7" | 2025 | DELETED

DNRC099 | 7″ | 2025 | DELETED

[audio:Bek-ho JK2 2.mp3]
Bek-ho: JK (Just Kidding), 4:52

Gangnam ex-pat MC Bek-ho’s debut single for DNRC Records, the atonally barmy and just slightly off the dial JK (Just Kidding), was in fact the label’s ninety-ninth release, but this is not to suggest that there was anything auspicious about either the record itself or its progenitor, who may well have been Dreamnation himself in disguise.

We, of course are destined not to know, for upon the release of this over-long but spiritually uplifting nose ballad, both Dreamnation and Bek-ho went AWOL, disappearing in the direction of the Goulburn Valley, where the original Camp Davey compound once stood.

This single, therefore, marked the beginning of Dreamnation’s ‘wilderness’ period, where nothing was heard from the troubled star via his global portal H.Q. and DDNtranet, nor via the increasingly corrupted DNRC Records official website, which had been launched in late 2009, and which had jitched continually all throughout the intervening sixteen years.

By 2025, in fact, the DDN franchise-recog factor had plummeted so low you might as well have called it ‘terminal nosebleed’ and be done with it. That Dreamnation chose to release (and then delete) this waste-of-nobody’s business dressed up as a single just in time for Christmas shows, once again, his knack for a hideously ill-informed business decision.

In true DNRC Records style, no trace of the actual original release remains. Luckily for the completists, a trawl of the DNRC archives later uncovered a demo version of Bek-ho’s originally-incendiary track, reduced to its primeval elements.

As pop balladeer Stung so famously remarked upon hearing ‘JK (Just Kidding)’ for the first time, “A chipmunk earworm for the antenna generation, that’s what this is – it’s a big, ballsed-up disaster of a song waiting to snap.”

And with these prophetic words, we have to admit, the Kiwi pop crooner was probably right, for the first time in his life.

No stars.

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