Benelux: “Feng Haag Shuiling”

DNRC092 | EP | 2021 | DELETED

Benelux's debut disc Feng Haag ShuilingDNRC092 | EP | 2021 | DELETED

This tremendously barmy two-tone release, from possibly the world’s most electrifying three piece act, came hot on the heels of ninety one other DNRC releases and yet still sounds today as if it had never been thought of (let alone heard) at all.

Having garnered a massive following in Luxembourg during the latter half of the 2010s, their utter dominance of the Antwerp and then Venlo scenes in the chaotic and freewheeling 2020s cemented Benelux’s reputation in three national consciousnesses at once.

Triumphantly saccharine, ‘Feng Haag Shuiling’ soars on a massive trill of budgerigar choruses, only to float away on a sea-bed of elegant pule. Sections of the song later appeared in a series of birdseed commercials, only to be re-sampled and contextualised by the rise and rise of Eyna. Of which, more to come.

For now, it is enough to note that while ‘Feng Haag Shuiling’ may have attained cult status through the ironic counter-cultural antics of K&D Stylings Inc. its beginnings were not so glorious. For sadly DNRC Records, in all their wisdom, decided to delete this utterly precocious piece of used bubblegum pop the day before its scheduled release, and any reference to its existence is thus rendered completely and utterly jitched. 4EVA.

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