DNRC064 | LP | 2007 | DELETED

Redundant release from Canberra’s Heroin Archers, originally released in 2007 to coincide with their belief that they were on the verge of becoming Bona Fide, a name change suggested by their barmy management team of Davey Dreamnation and his sidekick Scaramouche.

Before approving the name change, however, Dreamnation insisted on releasing “Helium Parachute” under both monikers, in order to maximise sales. The results were disastrous, with one review of the Heroin Archers album appearing in Stolen Gnome and another review of Bona Fide’s album being published in the Catholic Weekly.

Disgraced, chagrined and more than a little annoyed, both Heroin Archers and Bona Fide decided to split up, re-form as a super group and then promptly dissolved, like half an aspirin in the glass of our collective forgetting.

The end result? You guessed it: double deletion, sadly, for an album no one has ever heard of, or is ever likely to hear from, again.

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