DNRC057 | LP | 1973/2006 | DELETED

Luxembourg lushes, the Nipple Happy Lovelies have long been regarded as pioneers of cowbell garage pop. Listlessly whipping up their ’66 blonde Fender Telecaster and their 60s Teisco Del Rey into a hopeless lustful swoon is just one reason to keep this re-released CD on repeat. The other: the four cowbells swirling underneath, their presence like meerkats waiting to rise on a windy Kalahari morning. This is exquisite song writing. Standout songs like ‘How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You I Love You Before It Gets Boring?’ pinch at the soul, reminding us all to give into the universe and get on with life. The lyrics to ‘Belgium Breasts’ ended up as part of a marketing campaign in 70s England about the dangers of drink driving. Many people old enough will remember this electric/acoustic ten piece touring with Dylan in Sweden. The Swedish press confused the two bands and many in the crowd shouted ‘Judas Priest’ getting both band and reference mixed up. The only concrete connection between Dylan and the Nipple Happy Lovelies is that they both played Manchester Free Trade Hall in 1966. There is something Dylanesque about Dirk Boxhorn’s songwriting, however, and many still draw comparisons to microphone technique. Boxhorn and fellow band mate Karl Itzig vanished into a boozy haze after the release of this album, as many saw the cowbell as too ‘edgy’ and ‘hard hitting’. But do yourself a favour, sit on a shag carpet, bring out the big speakers and wallow in the magic of this infectious worn-fret music. As Christopher Walken has said, ‘I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is, more cowbell’.

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