The Prigs: “Some People Are Just Aksing For It”

DNRC046 | LP | 2004 | DELETED

This disappointing release from Brisbane’s Prigs symbolises all that is wrong with that ostensibly beautiful city in Queensland. Boorish, filled with cheap gags (check opening track “Bust a Moove”) and otherwise riddled with tired 1970s cultural references, “Some People Are Just Aksing For It” manages to alienate most cultural and racial groups within seconds. Hip-hop fans will wince at the pathetic rhyme schemes utilised on the supposedly satirical title track, while anyone with an ounce of spirituality will abhor the dreadful mish mash of bile, pule and hammer time that is “I Defecate on Christ”. Shortly after this album’s release Prigs lead singer Prince Prig appeared in th Brisbane magistrates court on charges of inciting hate, charges which were later vamped up to include the alleged torching of the surf life saver’s hut at Breaka Beach (denied), the Toowong Hotel beer garden (admitted) and the use of an Australian flag as a bum-wiping implement (forensic testing inconclusive). Despite this litany of plain old acts of stupidity, DNRC founder Davey Dreamnation managed to trump the band entirely by subsequently offering them a two album record deal. The Prigs, however, objected to the condition that at least one of those albums must be a Christmas album (to be recorded with the Guide Ponies) and so the band and label parted ways, some would say thankfully, upon the happy occasion of this woeful album’s well-deserved deletion.

Davey Dreamnation
Davey Dreamnation

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