Slow-Cooked Socks & Passionate Tongues

Well, it’s been a while between drinks for me as far as gigs are concerned but all that’s about to change with the incredibly bulk ace news that I’ll be featuring – alongside deep-fried sock dumpling expert Alicia Sometimes – at a forthcoming edition of Brunswick’s finest poetry reading, Passionate Tongues!

Or as I like to call it, Pashing Tongues.

Okay, calm down.

Join Alicia and myself on Monday 21 January at 8:30pm at the Brunswick Hotel, Sydney Rd Brunswick (corner of Weston Street) for a cross-sectional evening of spanking word rants, chiselled good-looks and clenched jaws. There will be moving tributes to llamas. There will be ALF pyjamas. There will be poems about Pizza. Alicia and myself may even read something you know. Untold!

The order for the night, as with all Pashing Tongues events, will go a little something like this: 3 or 4 open stage readers (that’s you, kids); 1st feature set (bags not me); 2nd feature set (aka yours dewly); torlet break; features again (that’s right – twice the Sometimes, triple the Clint Bo Dean!); short break/raffle; and finally the remainder of the open stage, which will hopefully finish around 11:00-11:30.

And remember, it’s bulk ace, never retail.

Freelance, never contract.

Slow-cooked, never half-cocked socks.


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