Gowayz ob LOL: Sawng ob Meh (O Hai!)

An Ceiling Cat sayed, im in ur waterz makin a ceiling.
LOLCats Bible, Genesis 1:6


O hai iz cebrayt meh, b in ur meh,
An wut I as00m yu shal as00m,
Fur iz atomm belons meh as srly belons yu. K.

Iz loef an nvyt meh sowl,
Iz leen an loef at meh eez obsarvn a speer ob summar LOL.

Meh tugn, evareh atomm ob meh bl00d, form'd fwom dis soyl, 
    dis aix,
Bawn hare ob Kitteh bawn hare fwom Kitteh teh saym, an feir
    Kitteh teh saym, YKWIS.
Iz haz Kitteh yrs iz parfect healf xan haz,
Iz can haz to cheezbrger til ded.

Ceiling cat an sch00ls in ur computaw
LOL Cat iz can haz wut dey r, but nevar sez,
Iz not want baf for g00d or bad, I parmit l00k 
      but sez awl can haz not,
Nachur wifowt chek but shr iz wif rngal enargeh. K?



W.W., ‘Song of Myself’
Leaves of Grass, 1st edition.

Davey Dreamnation
Davey Dreamnation

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