I am 24, red hair, plain features,
and a little too backward for my own good.

B. O’D.

24yo dawn-red hair western districts oz poet seeks 80ish
NS/SD amerikan dusky-grey hair ex-civil war nurse poet
for inter-continental correspondences & hero worship -   
must heart ozpo philo/sci-fi &/or long walks on beach 
FYI both parents RC father policeman lonely child etc.
must possess GSOH & look good in footy shorts LOL 
should be child & wife friendly (without seeking same
must be cool with I can haz my own space can haz OK
genuine mature aged gentleman preferred pets OK &
must be familiar with works of H.K., A.L.G. & A.(B).P.
curvy grey-blonde fit uncut or straight-acting free verse 
poet preferred prose writer also OK must also be DTE	
NO BUSH POETS 1880s music OK slam poets OK
kisses & cuddles on winter nights watching DVDs OK
seeking fr'ship &/or possible loveship (optional) please
looking forward to each of your genuinely crafted replies
however due to stalker SNAFU send to mailbox B.O.D. 
enclose 2 recent portraits + drum taps & leaves of grass


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