final oceanic junk channel-deepened 
	by temporal bo'sun of the universe
are you some castaway floating sea 
	kelp island where dawning abendland 

in elysian fields of restfulness recon-
	structs her deadly breeding grounds?
or are you one of the gods sun ra 
	maybe following the comet kohoutek?

are you in favour of daylight savings 
	bonsai maintenance massive oil wars 
or just some mosquitoes flying through 
	the dredged & dying murray wetlands?

could you be an untapped source 
	of poisons for travelling parasites
or are you still hiding that sneaky Y2K 
	virus in your unpopped pimples?

see the ANZAC memorials to the rest 
	of the earth's extinct flora & fauna 
that within your vast circumference 
	kick against the pricks & crash down

or else act like cruel coat hangers 
	& behead those riding underneath trees 
blending superstition with the brave 
	recommendations of commissioners

to brand that theoretical spot in our 
	atmosphere with an unequivocal X - 
the innocent & pacified collaborators 
	who coaxed the flies into your mouth 

B. O’D. (date)

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