Revered master

	Dear Walt, my beloved master, my friend, 
	my bard my prophet and apostle - 

				Dear Bernard

	My dear master!

Your good, long varied and loving letter 
came yesterday and has been welcome and nourishing to meh. 

			My dear master!	
			I cannot reply properly, 
			we have been treading air since

Dear Bernard O'Dowd (and all the friends) 

		My dear master!

Dear friend Bernard O'Dowd (& dear friends all) 

		My dear master and 
			(may I say?) comrade!

I sh'd like to send you a little pocketbook b'd L of G 
as a present to be used by any of you & maybe handy

	My dear master!

Herewith are copies of my big book 'Complete Works' ...

		Dear friend B. O'D. 

	Well the New Year has come &
it is a dark foggy stormy glum day here - 

As I sit her Jan : 13 rather late at night ...

God bless you all - & see my words at bottom re-affirmed

Evn'g - Well how are you getting along there 
	10,000 miles f'm here - & 'how's all'? 
	(as the black people say down south)

The Last drawn pict: 'at 90' is the truest - 
the London Il.. News one is disagreeable, 

	       		My dear master, I have received 
			and heartily thank you for 
			the papers you have sent  ... 

Just a word anyhow while I am waiting for my supper - 


B. O’D. to W.W. | W.W. to B. O’D.

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