Clint Bo Dean’s Live In the Bahamas leaks onto the Intranet

MP3: 'Oceans (Lice)', by Clint Bo Dean
Clint Bo Dean, ‘Oceans (Lice)’ (3:50)

As NASA and other important organisations begin their preparations for the countdown to DNRC Records’ 100th release, tensions on the Tribesco peninsula have risen after the apparent leaking of an excerpt from Clint Bo Dean’s prescient masterpiece, Live in the Bahamas, onto the Intranet.

We reviewed the odd-ball LP here in May, but eager listeners can now get a taste of the contents of the record’s live ‘feel’ via the attached mp3 exclusive, which was apparently leaked a micro-second before the entire album was deleted from the DNRC Records archives altogether.

While the quality of the recording suggests that this is a bootleg rather than an official CBD release, one listen to the final ‘track’ from the album, the anthemic ‘Oceans (Lice)’ should set your mind at ease, at least with regards the burning question of whether the rest of the ‘set’ is worth listening to at all.

Hint: it isn’t.

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