Cordite 30: Custom (2009)

... is now online!

I’m very pleased to annouce that Cordite 30: Custom/Made is now online. Our guest poetry editor for this issue, joanne burns, has custom-selected forty four poems from a diverse range of makers including Geoff Lemon, Anne Elvey, Sue Stanford, Ouyang Yu, Sam Twyford-Moore, Lee Kofman, Derek Motion and Bonny Cassidy.

As is customary, the issue is presented in its entirety on our homepage. Over the coming weeks, we’ll also be posting a second set of poems by the contributors to the issue. These poems will be ‘made’ using the texts from other contributors’ poems. Think of it as a kind of re-mix, sans Auto-tune (sorry, Kanye).

Keep an eye out for other new content on the site, including new audio poems, features, interviews and, of course, our fortnightly book review.

I trust you will enjoy the issue as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

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