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Queensland Poetry Festival program now online!


In news that’s sure to raise the levels of dams all over the country, the Queensland Poetry Festival program has been uploaded onto their website.

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We Will Disappear!

wwd_small.jpgMy debut collection of poetry We Will Disappear now has a cover image, a thickness (8mm!) and – an ISBN! I’m dizzy. The cover (left) was taken by yours truly back in 2000 – read more about the background to this picture and the author shot (taken by Sean M Whelan) here. The book will be launched at the Melbourne Writers Festival in August, and the Queensland Poetry Festival in September, 2007. More on that as it comes to hand but the exciting news is that the book now exists, if only for a short time, and copies of it (as well as both Barry Hill and Margie Cronin’s books) have arrived at the soi3/papertiger office in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Below are the full publication details, or ‘specs’, as I like to call them. It doesn’t get any more official than this.

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We Will Disappear: Full Track Listing

While you may rest assured that I won’t be producing an intricate online annotated version of the contents of We Will Disappear (OR AT LEAST, NOT YET!), I can at last reveal the track listing or, as we say in the industry ‘table of contents’.

The final order the poems was arrived at after some serious editorial intervention from Paul Hardacre, whom I cannot thank enough for his patience, intuitive widsom and sensitivity.

I look forward to making further announcements as to the book’s release date, where to buy said book and, finally, details of the launch, which will (of course) be huge.

We Will Disappear


In a Dim Sea Nation
Abstract Moon
We Will Disappear
(On the Tomb of) Victor Bruce
Northern Rivers Pastoral
While Your Children Are Small
In Heaven It’s Always Raining
Avalon V
Post-Holocaust Tram
Between Empires
1001 Nights
Dexedrine Bombs
When We Were in the Wild
Lovers / Lateness
Japanese Bush Poet
The Happy Farang
Non-Touristic Trek
Tintin & the Plain of Jars
The Chao Le
Ich Bin Ein Tourist
Kerze 1
We Miss You!
Peace Falls
A Veteran of the Club Scene
Identikit Nation
City Slacker
There’s a Wild Jack Russell in the Moon
The Bloody Hollys
Ma Sonic
Code Pervin’
Let’s Fight the Pop-Ups!
Machines for Living In
Search Poem #9
Kyoto Crow(s)
Betty Conquers All
Silver Rocket II
Wounded or Sound: The Death March of Johnny McQueen
Karin Revisited
Unmarked Harlem
She Finds Her Speed
The Rise & Fall of Davey Dreamnation
(On the Tomb of) The Unknown Waitress
We Are Living
5 Haiku SMS

We Will Disappear & The Evil Demon of Images

In the spirit of all things pertaining to rolling thunder, increasing expectations and maximising tension, I’m happy to report that my debut poetry collection We Will Disappear, to be published by soi 3, an imprint of papertiger media, is edging closer to reality. The text is currently with a proofreader and the cover artwork is also being finalised, and I’m hoping that the book will be out by May this year. Having been on the other side of the publisher-author relationship for most of my adult life, it’s been a steep learning curve for me this time. All of a sudden it’s my work and my image that will be heading out into the bibliosphere, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just as picky and obsessive as any other author.

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We Will Disappear

Well it’s been over ten years in the making so I’m overjoyed and relieved to inform you that my debut poetry collection We Will Disappear will be released this year through soi3, an imprint of papertiger media. The book will feature between fifty and one hundred poems, including some that have already been published, both online and in print, and others no one even knew existed. While a cover image for the book hasn’t been decided upon yet, I’m kind of partial to this one below, which was taken seven years ago in a carpark above a warehouse where, coincidentally (or not), I first came up with the character of Davey Dreamnation.

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