Cordite 26: Innocence (2007)

4515.jpgOkay so I’m still messin’ around with the index page but the basic news is that Cordite 26 – Innocence is now online! It features 55 poems by 31 bulk ace and fully untold poets, all selected anonymously by our guest poetry editor, MTC Cronin. Dive in and taste the sweetness that is Cordite 26 – Innocence! Starring Adam Aitken, Angela Costi, Brentley Frazer, Carolyn van Langenberg, Derek Motion, Ed Wright, Eric Dando, Jennifer Compton, Joel Magarey, Kate Schapira, Lee Kofman, Paul Mitchell, Peter O’Mara, Stuart Cooke, Tiggy Johnson, Tom Clark and many more! Oh so untold! On the Cordite site you’ll also find some interesting features, including Genevieve Tucker’s article on the state of Australian literary magazines’ attempts at negotiating the web, an interview I conducted recently with Ryan “Akubra” Paine (editor of Voiceworks) and a stellar article on Michael Dransfield by Derek Motion. There’s also the usual line-up of reviews and some really cool images, including the Innocence cover image, by Kent MacCarter. Finally, there’s also details of how to submit to Cordite 27 – Experience!

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