Camp Davey begins long festive season close-down

With the festive season fast approaching, boffins at the Camp Davey Information Technology hub have been working around the clock, in order to spruce things up a bit ahead of an expected influx of Christmas web traffic.

“That’s right,” confirmed Camp Davey IT Support Officer Quito via facsimile this afternoon, “I need three bananas and a cream bun for the llama before I reveal anything.”

Sources once removed by marriage from the troubled troubador suggest Quito may be delusional.

“In the sense of, like, he’s leaving all these little notes around the Camp saying what he’d like from each of us for Christmas? it’s just completely outrageous!

“Quito hasn’t done any work for over six months, I’ve had to buy a new synthesiser to replace the one he hocked at Cash Converters in order to buy a ham roll for that freaking llama, and now to top it all off he’s talking about this Christmas album, all up-beat Casio stuff, and wanting to borrow my synth again?

“Well I told that mosquito where he could buff his ram! Borrow my synth, indeed!” seethed Stung in an off-the-cuff demolition job at Tullamarine Airport today.

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