Original [d/dn] archives to be re-released?

Never one to submit to public expectations, Davey Dreamnation has rumoured that he may re-release an edited version of his rise to fame, as documented in Davey Dreamnation v 1.01, just weeks after taking the website down.

Sources at a slight distance from the obviously megalomaniacal star suggest the re-release may be an attempt to woo back fans who protested at his apparent corporate sell-out.

“Yes, they would think that, wouldn’t they, hmm?” muttered a slightly cynical Pixel Mouse this afternoon, Camp Davey time, after making a dramatic re-appearance of her own outside the Camp Davey Billiards and Wine Tasting Area.

“Look, that’s none of your business. If Stung and myself are having marital problems, then you can go ahead and blame the drugs, or Brad. I don’t care. I hate New Zealand, and there’s no way in Bejesus I’m going back there, either. Desert rose, my arse.”

Ms Mouse later calmed down enough to inform reporters that the renovation of the Davey Dreamnation international website (version 1.02) continues apace.

“He’s trying to do something tricky with a typewriter, but I can’t be more specific than that. I must say the Wine Tasting Area is looking very promising indeed.”

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