Davey Dreamnation celebrates the return of spring by releasing August stats

Jasmine has begun to flower inside the Camp Davey compound, as another winter ceases, and spring says: “Move over, Jack, wide load coming through.”

Wih the change of seasons comes a chance to reflect on all that has happened to Davey since that fateful day in April this year when he uploaded his very first track, the unconscious masterpiece “hot soup girl”.

Perhaps understandably, Davey has never looked back from that initial breakthrough, determined to outdo himself with each successive release, gaining fans and critical acclaim each time he cranks up his FTP facilities.

The results are nothing less than astounding. Ten singles, numerous b-sides, outtakes and intakes, a new genre in cover art, and now a debut album – all within the space of seven short months.

The word rollercoaster was invented for just such a situation as this.

And as if that’s not enough for all the cynics out there, the release of Davey’s August download statistics proves that at least one person (with oodles of time and bandwidth) enjoys his music.

“That’s right,” confirmed Davey’s new spokesperson and staunch ally in the music business, Chris de Burgh, “Davey clocked up 100 (one hundred) downloads in July, and in August he’s doubled that exactly. Between August 1 and August 31, Davey’s songs were downloaded 200 (two hundred) times. The bulk of these downloads occurred in the days following the frenzied release of “islands in the stream of consciousness.”

“The one smudge on Davey’s record is that fact that the song “islands in the stream of consciousness” itself has only been downloaded 3 (three) times. That’s a little disappointing.

“I should know, a recent poll of my own songs suggests that “Another Record Company Bash” from my masterful Eastern Wind release, has been voted my worst song ever. And there was me thinking it was an insightful and intelligent commentary on the music industry. It just goes to show there’s no satisfying some freaks.

“Erm, fans, that is.”

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