Davey Dreamnation (finally) sells out

After five long months of practicing, rehearsing, recording and re-mixing, Davey Dreamnation has finally sold out by beginning the massive task of shifting his songs from a backyard server to mp3.com.au.

In a prepared statement issued by his pet llama early this morning (Majorca time), Davey stated that he has “had enough of server limitations, bandwidth constraints and personal unprofessionalism.”

The changes take effect as from today, with Davey’s latest single, “Loveless”, the first cab off the rank. You can find details of both the song and Davey’s new look on his official mp3.com.au artist page.

“Sure, it’s a little sad,” Scaramouche admitted in an impromptu interview this afternoon, “but this way Davey’s fans will get access to all of his songs at once, instead of the pathetic situation we’ve been enduring up until now. I mean, Davey released my own single just two weeks ago, and you can’t even download it from his blog anymore. I’m seething about that, by the way – seething.”

Fans are encouraged to log onto the site and write reviews of Davey’s songs, in order that more people will hear and experience his music.

“I’ve said myself that I’m selling out, just so that bastard Stung doesn’t get in first with the accusation,” Davey later revealed.

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