[d/dn] back in the recording studio!

Several fans who have been waiting for this piece of news may wish to sit down. Davey Dreamnation, whose second album Recognition of Prior Learning still gathers dust on the DNRC shelves, has tired of the drawstrings holding his signature jarmies together and has begun work on a third album, tentatively entitled Don’t Even Bother, Clint. Strange sounds could be heard emanating from the Tribesco compound this morning, as ever-patient news crews, some of whom have been tailing the deluded artist for years, swarmed to catch even the faintest of hints as to Davey’s future musical direction. “Well, it’s kind of funny and kind of sad but as we don’t even know what direction Davey was pursuing on the RPL LP, it’s pretty much impossible to predict what he’ll do next,” explained a cautious Stung, whose own second album, Nothing Like the Stung has just been released, to a tepid response from the music industry. “Don’t even get me started, boyo,” the megalomaniac Sting impersonator spat at reporters, “I’m already seething and you haven’t even said anything yet. Nick off.” Meanwhile Scaramouche (who has shrugged off the name change innuendos) was a little more forthcoming. “Well, he’s channelling the vibe of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk, obviously. The title track of the record is “Tribesco” – oops, upside my head, I shouldn’t have said that. The album is called Don’t Even Bother, Quito“. It’s got a pretty future metal sound to it, quite extraordinary, really. Not a patch on my as-yet-untitled solo album, though.”

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