Lost [d/dn] masterpiece rediscovered!

Davey Dreamnation was reportedly in shock last night after receiving a phone call from DNRC in Majorca stating that they had found the master tapes from the recording sessions for Recognition of Prior Learning, a record he had been lead to believe had disappeared. “I’m completely jitched,” the rock star admitted, after listening to the tapes and declaring them “authentic”. “It’s like the problems Stung had with his record after those South Americans ran off with the masters,” Davey later stated, off the record, “only this time around my record’s actually good, whereas Stung, well, yeah …” Sources in Tribesco have confirmed that artwork, liner notes and a full track listing have now been fast-tracked, with hopes of a worldwide release later this week. In addition, the infamous Maple Lanes DP EP has also been slated for release, possibly as early as tomorrow. All of which spells trouble for the music industry, with Davey rumoured also to have put in an order to press 1 million copies of the album, and to dump them on the unsuspecting pirate market in Vietnam. “I think this could be the end of Howard Jones, Chris de Burgh, Nik Kershaw and Bros,” Scaramouche stated flatly after hearing the news, “Davey’s got the muzac end of the market sewn up now.”

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