Christmas Is In the Air

Did I mention that I am beginning to get very very excited about Christmas? Christmas is my favourite time of the year, because this is when I get to open all the presents that Davey’s fans send him. He is so lucky. He gets presents from all over the world! Like the Goulburn Valley, Greenland, Kirribilli, Denpassar, Molvania and Paris, Texas. It really is a time of great joy at Camp Davey on Christmas morning when the gigantic skip is unloaded! Davey says “Okay Scaramouche, get to it!” Of course, I do need some help, because of my hooves but I am becoming quite adept at ripping the wrapping paper off with my teeth. Last year I got a present from Russell Crowe and his gorgeous wife Danielle! It was a great big water pistol! How exciting!!!

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